Local Initiatives & Policy Work

We all have the power to shape the world that we live in. It is an incredible opportunity to claim that power and build a sustainable community from the ground up. This page is designed to inform you on resources for getting more engaged in a civic process and participating in policy change.

Hawai‘i State Legislature:

Participation, Resources, & Bills of Interest

Hawai‘i is lucky to have one of the most useful and easy to navigate legislative websites. Click the link above to go to the website. You can use the instruction below to: sign up for your account, find your Representative or Senator, track bills, and submit testimony on the issues you care about.

2019 Bills of interest for zero waste

Using the images and links in the list below you can read about and follow along with some very important Zero Waste Bills that have been introduced for the 2019 State Legislative Session. Once you familiarize yourself with the bills you can follow the instructions below for submitting your testimony.


SB 522 will phase out a variety of single-use plastics over a 5 year period and create a working group to eliminate plastic packaging in our state. Included in the phase out is polystyrene foam, plastic straws, utensils, bags, and water bottles. The phase out will begin in State agencies and then be eliminated from food service sectors of business.




SB 11: Phases out Polystyrene Foam in Food Service Industry

Next Hearing: Wednesday 2/6 1:45 PM


SB 367: Phases out polystyrene foam, plastic straws, and plastic bags from food service establishments.


Wednesday 2/6 1:15PM


HB 717: House bill that creates a plastic pollution program under DLNR to cleanup up plastic waste and study the problem for further solutions.


Passed House EPP on 1/31


HB 850: House bill to phase out polystyrene foam in the food service industry across the State.


Passed House EEP on 1/31

Navigating the capitol website:

Screenshot 2019-02-01 15.34.26.png

Step1: Create your account in the top right corner using “Register” and then the “Sign in” Buttons.

Step 2: Find your legislatures! - enter your street name to find the contact information for your Representatives & Senators. It is really important that you know whose district you are in. Our lawmakers answer to their constituents first, so when you make a call to your legislatures from your district, your impact is higher. Call today and talk them about a new Zero Waste lifestyle that they can help support through policy.

Screenshot 2019-02-01 15.49.05.png

Step 3: Track Bills & Submit Testimony! - You are ready to get involved on the next level by using your voice and words to advocate for a Zero Waste Hawai‘i. Once you are logged into your capitol account you will see the center buttons on the home page light up orange. You can use the “Submit Testimony” button to support/oppose a bill and add your arguments and the “Hearing Notification” to be emailed when hearings are scheduled with locations and time. NOTE: This center area also gives you the opportunity to explore committee structures and find other legislatures contact information.