Our VISION is an island community where waste no longer exists.

Our MISSION is to provide zero waste education, resources, and programs to build an ethical & responsible consumer culture.

Welcome to this new vision for our island of Oʻahu; a Zero Waste vision built on the reachable goal of a lifestyle in which waste is not a mandatory component to our daily actions. In this future a thriving circular economy resides at the heart of a resilient, responsible, self-sustaining community in which everything that arrives here gets re-used here.

Currently Hawai‘i residents produce double the national average of trash and our goal is to usher in a change that turns the tide, placing O‘ahu at the forefront of sustainable world.

ZWO is making waves in our community by retelling stories of waste in a multifaceted way. We focus on:

  • Education & Outreach to multiple sectors of our community

  • Encouraging and training citizens in civic engagement

  • Building coalitions that cross boundaries

  • Inspiring dynamic policy

We have a responsibility to look after our planet. It is our only home.
— The Dalai Lama